August 11, 2021

Hail & Tornado Safety Tips

By alinsco

Summertime is a wonderful season full of warm weather, blooming flowers and baseball; however, there are also some downsides during this period. Rain showers and thunderstorms transpire frequently, which tends to transform into even harsher weather such as hail and high winds. It’s important to be prepared during severe weather to avoid any property damage or injury. If you happen to hear sirens or sense a storm coming, just remember these helpful tips…

  • If you do not have a basement, stay in the most interior room of your home such as a closet, bathroom or hallway and keep low.
  • Always keep away from windows and doors to avoid injury from flying debris.
  • Remove anything in your yard that could turn into debris and trim any branches that may fly off during high winds to prevent damage to your home.
  • Lightning is a common occurrence with hailstorms, so avoid using phones and electrical appliances during this time.
  • Stay away from windows that could shatter from the impact of hail. Be sure to shut your blinds and drapes to prevent wind blowing glass shards inside.
  • Make sure everyone is accounted for – including pets!

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